Bugs Bunny
Daffy Duck
Foghorn Leghorn
Pepe Le Pew
Marvin The Martian
Barney Rubble
Scooby Doo



David Brinkley
Tom Brokaw
Walter Cronkite
Ted Koppel
Dan Rather

Jack Buck
Howard Cosell
John Madden
Al Michaels

TV Characters
Dr.Smith a.k.a. Jonathan Harris (Lost In Space)

William Shatner a.ka. Captain Kirk (Star Trek)
Scotty (Star Trek)
Dr. Mc Coy (Star Trek)
Patrick Stewart a.k.a Captain Picard
Lt. Worf (Star Trek)
Mr. Peterman (Seinfeld)
Don Knotts a.k.a.Barney Fife
(Andy Griffith Show)
Floyd the Barber
(Andy Griffith Show)


George Burns
Rodney Dangerfield
Gilbert Gottfried
Bob Hope
Sam Kinison
Jerry Seinfeld

Original Characters
Gramps/Wisconsin Grandpa
Nice N' Slow Guy
Reverend Bobby Lee Von Hindenburg

Presidents & Politicians
George W. Bush
George Bush
Jimmy Carter

Bill Clinton
Gerald Ford
Al Gore
Lyndon Johnson
Joe Liebermann

John Mc Cain
Richard Nixon
Ross Perot
Ronald Reagan
Jesse Ventura

TV/Radio Personalities
Harry Caray
Johnny Carson
Casey Kasem
Jay Leno
Dr. Phil

Movie Characters
Austin Powers
Dr. Evil

Farmer John (Men In Black)
Patches O' Houlihan

Doc Emmett Brown (B.T.T.F.)

Movie Stars
Marlon Brando
Charles Bronson
Truman Capote
Sean Connery
Sammy Davis, Jr.
Kirk Douglas
Clint Eastwood
W.C. Fields
Burt Lancaster
Dean Martin
James Mason
Jack Nicholson

Nick Nolte
Joe Pesci
Edward G. Robinson
Arnold Schwarznegger
Rod Serling
Sylvester "Sly" Stallone

Rip Torn


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